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Why We Must Watch What Matters

Initial Findings from the Regional Community Treatment Observatory in West Africa

Read about the RCTO-WA’s baseline study conducted in June-July 2017. The report identifies five key barriers to access of HIV, prevention, care, and treatment services and offers critical insights on the role of community monitoring in addressing these barriers.

Regional Community Treatment Observatory in West Africa

Learn all about the Regional Community Treatment Observatory in West Africa in this quick 5-minute video.

WHO Monitoring Report

Global Policy, Local Disconnects: A Look Into the Implementation of the 2013 HIV Treatment Guidelines

One year after the release of the updated 2013 “WHO Consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection”, ITPC investigated what the reality was on the ground for people living with HIV.

Missing the Target 11

Barriers to Accessing Treatment from a Community Perspective: Kenya & Uganda

Missing the Target is a community monitoring initiative. This report shares experiences of orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda and sex workers in Kenya.

Missing the Target 9

The 9th Missing the Target report assesses the quality and accessibility of services to prevent vertical transmission of HIV in Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, and Nigeria from a community perspective (particularly, women living with HIV).

Missing the Target Briefing 8

The 8th Missing the Target report ‘Rationing Funds, Risking Lives’ documents early warnings of the global pullback on AIDS commitment and funding: caps on the number of people enrolled on treatment, more frequent drug stock-outs, and national AIDS budgets falling short.

Missing the Target 7

The 7th Missing the Target Report shows that efforts to prevent vertical transmission in six countries (Argentina, Cambodia, Moldova, Morocco, Uganda, and Zimbabwe) are failing to reach the very group it was designed for—HIV-positive pregnant women.