Activist Development Program                     

The Activist Development Program (ADP) is a new initiative created by the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition aimed at equipping activist around the world to fight for better health.

Over the last 15 years, ITPC’s work has focused on expanding access to HIV treatments and other life-saving medicines has made us a model of excellence in direct treatment education, informed and vocal advocacy, and national community monitoring of health care access. As a global activist networking, we want to continue investing in the energy, skills, and informed action of people living with HIV working together for equity in medicines and health. As such, we are launching a new program called the Activist Development Program (ADP), aimed at capacitating and empowering activists across the world to do this work.

Join Us in the Fight for a World of Better Health

Be part of the next generation of HIV activists fighting for better health for all!

The ADP can help you:

  • Gain the technical knowledge and leadership skills you need to be part of the next generation of activists fighting for better health.
  • Build relationships with stakeholders, gatekeepers and influencers across local, national, and global levels to bring about change.
  • Overcome geographical and population-based silos and increase dialogue and intersectionality of social justice through organic peer-to-peer learning exchanges
  • Analyze environmental and structural barriers to health and justice and devise advocacy strategies to achieve needed change for better
  • Take ownership of a larger role in activism within your local context

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