Our Campaigns

Through our global networks of treatment activists, ITPC identifies barriers to optimal HIV treatment. We use these insights to inform our community research and advocacy programs. Sometimes, strong common themes emerge that are relevant to many communities all around the world.

In these cases, we develop campaign strategies and form alliances with other organizations. We produce a range of advocacy tools and materials as part of these campaigns. We hope that these materials are relevant to civil society organizations beyond our immediate networks.

Find out about our three current campaigns Make Medicines Affordable, and Be Healthy – Know Your Viral Load, and Watch What Matters, and see what resources are available on the campaign websites.

Make Medicines Affordable –  a campaign to bring down the price of antiretroviral drugs so that people living with HIV, in middle-income countries, have access to treatment.

Be Healthy – Know Your Viral Load – a campaign to raise awareness of, and lobby for, routine viral load monitoring – an essential element of optimal HIV treatment.

Watch What Matters – a campaign to improve access to optimal HIV treatment through community monitoring initiatives, using a unique model that empowers communities to systematically collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data on these issues.