Building Activism

As a network of activists, ITPC remains committed to nurturing new leaders and strengthening social justice movements. In our experience, the best way to become an activist is to get informed, get educated, and start doing – through joining a local campaign or initiative. Our initiatives include:

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Small grants to develop community organizations

small grants – which typically range from $5,000 – $15,000 – provide essential funds for community organizations. Often our grants seed new initiatives and organizations that cannot access funds elsewhere.

Training tools

ITPC shares training materials and creates new tools as needed to ensure activists can grow and develop as treatment access leaders. Check out our Resources page to download the latest training materials.

Incubating new activist initiatives

ITPC sees significant value in supporting new initiatives that respond to emerging health and human rights needs. Both ITPC Global and ITPC’s regional networks often incubate emerging organizations or projects, providing technical support, mentorship, office space, relationship building and more. Examples of previously incubated initiatives include the World Community Advisory Boards and the HIV Young Leaders Fund.