Expression of Interest for ITPC Pool of Consultants

ITPC is issuing this Expression of Interest (EoI) in order to establish a Prequalified Approved Consultant Pool to provide consulting services, on an as needed basis, for the following areas of expertise:

1. Communications and Public Relations (PR)

▪ General Support
▪ Translations
▪ Graphic Design
▪ Copy-editing
▪ Animation Production

2. Treatment Education

3. Information and Communications Technology (Technologies)
▪ IT and Website Maintenance
▪ Technology and Data Security
▪ Database Development and Software Programming

4. Monitoring and Evaluation

5. Research and Data analysis

6. Community-led Monitoring and Advocacy

7. Research (qualitative and quantitative) and Data Analysis

8. Resource Mobilization

9. Intellectual Property (Chemistry Scientific Support)

10. Organizational Development and Support
▪ Human Resources Management
▪ Governance
▪ Leadership and Management Coaching

If you are interested in applying, please read this document for more details about the roles, skills required and for information on how to apply.

We look forward to hearing from you.