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Global Treatment Survey

The changing context in HIV care created by the 2015 WHO “treat all” guidelines and the implementation and expansion of innovative policies (e.g. differentiated service delivery and decentralization which promote community delivery of ART) have reshaped the access to HIV care environment. These recent changes demonstrate the need to update current knowledge about access to HIV care and its related barriers among both recipients of care and health care providers. To this end, ITPC developed the Global Treatment Survey to assess the state of access to quality HIV treatment and document the barriers along the HIV care cascade. These barriers will be documented from both the demand side (i.e. PLHIV) and the supply side (i.e. health care provider) perspectives. Accordingly, this study has the following three sub-objectives:

  • Measuring access to each step of the care cascade among PLHIV;
  • Identifying barriers to each step of the care cascade experienced among PLHIV;
  • Describing the challenges encountered by health care workers and other stakeholders involved in HIV care.

We conducted a mixed-method study using one quantitative survey and one qualitative survey. The quantitative survey evaluated access and barriers related to the HIV care cascade among PLHIV whereas the qualitative survey described challenges encountered by PLHIV in accessing care and health care workers in delivering HIV care.

We look forward to sharing the results by May 2019.

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