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Routine Viral Load Testing (RVLT)

Although we’ve made great strides in HIV treatment access – with nearly 22 million people living with HIV accessing ART – access to routine viral load testing is still lagging behind.

Routine viral load testing (RVLT), which allows people to see if their HIV treatment is working, is an essential part of effective HIV treatment. Although many governments have committed to providing RVLT, in some countries it is frequently unavailable, unaffordable, or not routinely offered to people living with HIV.

In response to this, campaigns to demand that routine viral load testing is made available have been launched, including by ITPC and Médicins Sans Frontières. In October 2015, ITPC launched the Be Healthy – Know Your Viral Load campaign, in partnership with the AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA). The ongoing campaign aims to inform people living with HIV about the value of viral load testing to mobilize people to demand routine viral load testing and to urge governments to make sure the tests are routinely available, accessible and affordable.