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  • ITPC Launches 2015-2017 Strategic Plan

    Following an intensive period of internal reflection and external review, ITPC is proud to present our new strategic plan. The new plan will guide our work over the next three years and outlines....


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  • "We are the doctors!"

    And this is exactly what ITPC has been advocating for at global level for so many years: for treatment programmes to work in the long run, you need to support community-initiated and -run treatment education projects...
  • Why I’ll keep showing up to protest Gilead’s pricing on Hepatitis C drugs

    We knew it wasn’t going to be easy to protest at the recent Gilead Press Conference in New Delhi, held on 15th September 2014. The press conference was in a posh, five-star hotel. So we thought we’d do a silent protest, to get our message across to Gilead, Indian pharmaceutical companies and the local press that Gilead’s refusal to allow generic versions of the drug Solvadi (which can cure Hepatitis C) in some countries is unacceptable. We were a group of local activists, from across organizations in India, numbering about 10 people. When we arrived at the hotel, we found the press conference room and set-up the protest at the entrance. We pulled out a large banner, and sat down at the main entrance gate. We did not shout or make noise – we just stood there in our HIV Positive t-shirts with our posters. After about 30 minutes, the security ...


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ITPC and KeNPUD: Working together to protect the health and rights of PUDs in Kenya

ITPC and KeNPUD: Working together to protect the health and rights of PUDs in Kenya

In 2013, the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC), through Bridging the Gaps, supported KeNPUD with a small grant to grow their organization. Mid-way through their ITPC grant, KeNPUD has conducted 15 advocacy actions, conseled 85 people, and held HIV education workshops for over 200 people. They continue to do health outreach to mobilize people to know their rights.

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Christine Stegling presents Annual Report for 2014

Presenting the 2014 Annual Report, Christine Stegling reflects on an eventful and successful year

I am proud to present our 2014 annual report which highlights some of our exciting initiatives with communities to expand access to HIV treatment. In this year’s annual report you will get a glimpse of how we supported grassroots organizing, conducted national health advocacy and influenced global policy in 2014, so that people can lead healthier lives.

Our work occurs in the context of a global development discourse that increasingly calls on governments to own and finance national AIDS programmes, especially when they have been classified as middle income countries. Such a strategy ignores that the majority of people living with HIV reside in middle income countries, and that many remain unable to afford treatment or to access services due to stigma and discrimination. ITPC has been at the centre of this debate, arguing that development aid ...

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