Innovation Lab

Responding to the wider health needs of communities means confronting the deeply entrenched (but sadly, familiar) challenges of social inequity, inefficient public health systems, corruption, economic inequality, discrimination, and food insecurity, to name a few.

What is less obvious but increasingly burdensome though, are the health impacts of climate change — from the devastating effects of extreme heat waves on pregnant women and the elderly, to the rise in water borne diseases due to unprecedented flooding.

ITPC is committed to safeguarding and empowering the most vulnerable within the interdependent global systems of health, social development, and climate that bind us. More so, we strongly encourage communities to effect the change they wish to see in the world with our support and facilitation. 

To this end, ITPC is excited to launch its very own Innovation Lab!  The Lab is designed to house, incubate, test, and refine projects that utilize ITPC’s community-led innovations focused on issues prioritized by communities for communities.