Who is ITPC?

The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) is a global movement of people living with HIV, treatment activists and their supporters dedicated to treatment access for all in need.

We are an open and flexible coalition that works with eight regional ITPC networks, strategic partners, researchers, activists and community organizations around the world to respond to treatment issues.

We believe that the fight for HIV treatment remains one of the most significant health and human rights issues of our time.


ITPC advocates for optimal treatment for all as essential to the fulfillment of the right to health. Optimal treatment includes safe, affordable, client-centered, high quality, uninterrupted, affordable treatment for HIV, AIDS-related opportunistic infections, TB and Hepatitis C. Treatment must be linked to diagnostics and other health services—including prevention, treatment, care and support.

We fight for the most effective drug combinations and low-cost, community-appropriate diagnostics, including second and third line drugs that are largely unavailable in poor communities in the Global South.

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