Make Medicines Affordable

Less than a third of the people in need of antiretroviral treatment in middle-income countries are currently able to access it

By 2020, the vast majority of people living with HIV (87%) will be in high- and middle-income countries. People living with HIV in middle-income suffer a double whammy. Because of their World Bank income classification, these countries are not eligible for most international development funding, and drug companies exclude middle income countries from voluntary licenses that make the drugs cheaper.

ITPC leads Make Medicines Affordable

To make antiretroviral drugs more affordable, our strategy is to remove barriers to market competition amongst drug manufacturers. We promote healthy competition by challenging unmerited patents. We also support governments to issue selective compulsory licenses, whereby they allow others to produce a patented drug without the consent of the patent owner.

The Make Medicines Affordable partnership

ITPC leads the original consortium funded by UNITAID, and which includes four national organizations and legal experts. More recently support from Aidsfonds has meant we have been able to broaden out our campaign website to reflect the work of nine new regional and national organizations working on similar strategies to reduce the price of antiretroviral drugs.

Visit the multi-language Make Medicines Affordable campaign website.

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