ITPC’s Treatment Access Watch is now "Watch What Matters"

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The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) is excited to announce that its community monitoring campaign, formerly known as Treatment Access Watch, is now called Watch What Matters.
The name change – which is effective immediately – reflects an expanded understanding of our work and acknowledgment of the strength and diversity of the entire treatment access movement.

“As activists, we Watch What Matters! This broad call to action leads the way on HIV treatment access, as well as other social justice issues. The work that ITPC has been doing over the last 15 years with our Missing the Target series and community treatment observatories has organically created a larger movement for community-led global accountability.” – Solange Baptiste, ITPC Executive Director

Watch What Matters will continue to gather data on access and quality of HIV treatment globally, using the same unique model that empowers communities to systematically collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data on these issues.

“We are proud that the Regional Community Treatment Observatory in West Africa (RCTO-WA) is part of this larger movement focused on community monitoring. It speaks to the power of communities to hold governments and others to account and bring solutions to the table. In West Africa, we’ve already seen the impact of this in our 11 countries.” – Alain Manouan, ITPC Community Treatment Monitoring Project Director

The campaign, and the RCTO-WA that it houses, will continue to operate in their current structure and all organizational engagements will remain the same.
If you have any questions regarding this name change, please feel free to contact Alain Manouan ( or Trisa Taro (