Baseline Findings from Community Observatories Reinforce Known Treatment Access Barriers

The Regional Community Treatment Observatory in West Africa (RCTO-WA) is proud to release its first report: Why We Must Watch What Matters: Initial Findings from the RCTO-WA

Download the report here. 

The report summarizes the findings of the RCTO-WA’s baseline study conducted in June and July 2017. The study documents the current status of HIV prevention, treatment and care indicators in the each of the 11 project countries, helping to establish a reference point for comparative analyses of on-going data collection.

The report identifies five key barriers to access of HIV, prevention, care, and treatment services, and offers critical insights on the role of community monitoring in addressing these barriers.

Over the course of 2018-2019, the RCTO-WA will continue to systematically monitor and analyze quantitative and qualitative data on barriers to access of HIV prevention, treatment and care services. 

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