Pride, prevalence and pomegranates: Fighting for rights in Georgia!

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Gocha, a co-founder of Pomegranate, shares his perspective on how LGBTQ+ related stigma and barriers to HIV treatment interlink in Georgia, and how access to optimal treatment needs to improve for everyone.

A person’s HIV treatment journey starts with testing, but “more than 40% of people living with HIV in Georgia do not know their status,” says Gocha, 27, a LGBTQ+ activist living with HIV.
Tbilisi, Georgia. Pictured with friend, Tengo.
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HIV prevalence is higher among LGBTQ+ people. “This is because of a double-stigma,” explains Gocha. “It’s difficult to be ‘different’ in Georgia. We have strict rules, or gender roles, about how men and women should behave. When you don’t match up with this it is common to be victimised.”

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