Communities on the Frontline: ITPC’s Annual Review 2020

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ITPC Global Annual Review 2020 (1)

ITPC Global is proud to share its 2020 Annual Report, A Year Like No Other: Communities on the Frontline as a video.

You can also view the online summary or download the PDF.

In March 2020, we realized we were headed towards another pandemic that would alter our lives in fundamental ways. More than a year later, we are still grappling with the fall-out from COVID-19, which has resulted in close to 4 million deaths and an unknown number of people struggling with ongoing symptoms post-infection. The virus left many of us stranded in place, cut off from families, friends, and essential services.

While the development of vaccines brought hope, it also brought despair as those of us in the global Southwait for them to become available at the same speed and efficacy as in rich countries. But the brightest hope to emerge from 2020 was the way that COVID-19 revealed the strength and resilience of communities. From the beginning, ITPC’s Global Activist Network members mobilized to take care of people living with HIV in their local areas.

ITPC Global Annual Review 2020 - GANThis Annual Report showcases the last year of work under ITPC’s Strategic Plan 2018-2020. It highlights our successes, challenges and operational capacity in what was a challenging year, but also show what investments in communities can achieve.

Our work continues to provide practical solutions for communities responding to the current pandemic crisis, and we remain committed to providing proven patterns for navigating together through whatever comes next.

You can also view the online summary or download the PDF.