Data Gaps in the COVID-19 Response: Findings from a mapping exercise on access to COVID-19 technologies

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Matahari Global, in collaboration with the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition, publishes the findings of an exercise undertaken in November 2021 to populate a mapping tool examining access the COVID-19 response in eight countries (Bangladesh, Liberia, Nepal, Nigeria, Peru, Somalia, Uganda and Ukraine). In “Data Gaps in the COVID-19 Response: Findings from a mapping exercise on access to COVID-19 technologies”, researchers examined access to vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics, as well as certain health systems elements.
We found:
  • Unmet vaccination targets driven by vaccine inequity
  • Vaccine access impeded by poor operational support.
  • No structured psychosocial support for health care workers.
  • No access to rapid self-tests, in contrast with the Global North.
  • Unsalaried community health workers – COVID-19 opportunity costs.
  • Question marks around access to new COVID-19 antivirals.
  • Lack of data on oxygen needs

Here’s what we think should happen next, in “Phase 2”

  1. To interview rural health practitioners and WHO regional offices on access
  2.  to COVID-19 technologies in rural populations. This would include a follow- up on the hiring initiatives in Nepal to increase vaccinations in rural populations.
  3. To monitor if there have been any changes vis-à-vis right to health and vaccinations for undocumented migrants in countries examined, including Uganda and Ukraine.
  4. To monitor purchases and prices of novel antivirals in Peru, Ukraine, and other MICs included in Phase 2.
  5. To communicate advocacy messages resulting from this analysis to CSOs.
  6. Given similarities in symptomology of COVID-19 and TB, to understand reasons why in many countries COVID-19 AgRDTs are not being offered to those attending TB screening.
  7. To include an indicator on whether countries have digitised human resources systems, and whether those include CHWs.
  8.  To explore and understand support provided to countries through the Vaccine Delivery Partnership

Download the report here.