Clinton Global Initiative selects Global Public Investment Network for a Commitment to Action

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Solange Baptiste, Executive Director, International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC), and Member of the Global Public Investment Network (GPIN) expert working group, received a certificate from Gargee Ghosh, President of Global Policy and Advocacy at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, outlining a Commitment to Action, during a session titled “Reversing the Global Slide on Poverty: How We Can Scale Up Proven Anti-Poverty Solutions”, held at the launch of the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) 2022 in New York.
The commitment, signed by President Bill Clinton as well as Hilary and Chelsea Clinton, states, “We commit to take action as part of the Clinton Global Initiative. Through this new project, we will work with partners to implement solutions that will positively affect lives in communities around the world.”

CGI convenes global and emerging leaders to create and implement solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges working with partners to drive action through its unique model. GPIN’s inclusion in this year’s CGI meeting affirms the potential of global public investment to meet these complex challenges.

“GPIN is a game-changer because for the first time in a generation we have the opportunity to modernize global finances to better reflect the needs and expectations of the 21st century, and we have the blueprint for how to do it,” Baptiste said.

The GPI approach emerged from years of analysis and advocacy and has widespread support across the globe for its principles of All Contribute, All Benefit, All Decide. The world needs more international public money invested in shared global public needs to build resilient systems and improve people’s lives. And it is not just about quantity: who makes decisions is equally important. GPI will be prioritized and managed in a way that is much more representative and effective. 

“GPIN is taking action with the Clinton Global Initiative to build a worldwide coalition that will change how we finance our common needs and protect the global commons,” said Simon Reid-Henry, GPIN co-founder.

From climate to health, from hunger to conflict, the world faces unprecedented challenges, with an estimated USD1.3 trillion additional investment per year needed to meet the SDG targets. In 2021, Oxfam reported 155 million people experiencing extreme levels of food insecurity, up 20 million from the previous year. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed health inequality more plainly than ever and the long-term prospects for many parts of the world are deteriorating, as the climate crisis continues to worsen. 

The GPI Network will address these global challenges by enabling diverse stakeholders, from non-profit organizations to academic institutions and individual supporters to develop strategies and coordinate advocacy and fundraising. GPI Network members represent an international community advocating for meaningful regional and global changes in the international financial architecture. 

Since its inception, GPI has been a process of co-creation, from defining the problem that it seeks to address, to suggesting GPI principles as a solution, to the concrete proposals of the Expert Working Group on GPI (EWG-GPI), and now the establishment of the GPI Network.