ITPC hosts first-ever CLM Academy

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ITPC’s first-ever Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) Academy took place in Istanbul, Turkey from September 27-29. 

The three-day event brought together a group of 40 skilled and experienced partners who have played a critical role in CLM and other community advocacy, monitoring and accountability efforts over the years. The participants represented CLM experience from different contexts including South East Asia, Africa, Middle East and North Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America.  

While expert facilitators provided high-level training, the CLM Academy also provided participants with a space to learn from each other, and to trade tools and case studies on successful advocacy efforts. The curriculum covered all aspects of the CLM cycle. Starting from treatment literacy and the importance of awareness raising through education, we deep dived into the (qualitative and quantitative) data collection together with mixed-methods data analysis and the importance of data quality assurance. We tackled some troubleshooting on CLM costing and measuring success. Large bilateral and multilateral global donors also provided input during the Academy.

As enthusiasm for CLM approaches grow, we need to ensure that high-quality methodologies are not compromised during the rapid expansion of CLM implementation. 

ITPC team is proud to have successfully organised and completed this first-ever CLM Academy.  As a result, a community of practice has been established and we are expecting improved capacity in implementing CLM across different issues around the globe.

Visit ITPC’s CLM Hub to find out more about our work on community-led monitoring.