The CLM Library: your go-to place for easy-to-use tools & resources for CLM

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We are excited to announce the launch of the Community Led Monitoring (CLM) Library. Whether you’re new to CLM or an experienced practitioner, the CLM Library has the information you need to have a greater impact. Join your peers from around the world who rely on these resources to make meaningful, sustainable change.

The CLM Library provides a comprehensive collection of resources to support CLM practitioners globally. Curated by experts and cultivating insights from diverse communities, the library contains practical guidance and tools for awareness, advocacy, project implementation, capacity building, and more.

With resources for any project stage or goal, the CLM Library enables:

• Quick access to relevant, actionable CLM knowledge

• Peer learning and idea exchange within the CLM community

• Continuous education through cutting-edge research and case studies

• Increased project success by learning from others’ experiences

How the CLM Library works:

The CLM Library was established in October 2023. At this time, credible partners are invited to submit resources to be published on The CLM Library. ITPC does not review nor vet each submission, rather, we rely on trusted partners to vouch for the quality and relevance of each resource. The CLM Library acts as a digital aggregator of high-quality CLM resources that readers can click on and be directed to the original publication site to read further. Any edits, changes, updates, or broken links are the responsibility of the original publisher. You can report issues (broken links, inaccurate info, etc) to ITPC.

Watch the CLM Library Launch to find out more:

Visit the CLM Library