Make Medicines Affordable launches podcast to explore ways to end unfair pharma monopolies

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Make Medicines Affordable launches podcast

The Make Medicines Affordable (MMA) podcast delves into medicine equity. Through expert insights, analysis, and firsthand accounts from around the world, exploring ways to end unfair pharmaceutical monopolies on life-saving health products.

In the first episode, MMA explore the pressing need for enhanced HIV prevention options worldwide, discussing the potential of cabotegravir, a long-acting, injectable method of HIV prevention which is also called CAB-LA.

Their guests, Dr. Andrew Hill from the University of Liverpool, and Susana van der Ploeg from Brazil’s Interdisciplinary AIDS Association (ABIA), discuss the global need for, and efficacy of long-acting and oral HIV prevention, and perspectives on access barriers.

You can learn more about Long-Acting Injectables for HIV below.

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