Strengthening Partnerships

In our efforts to strengthen advocacy and bring the community perspective to a wide range of policymakers and implementers, ITPC continues to build connections and partnerships within and beyond the treatment access movement.

We are proud to be part of:

  • Synergic Responses to Syndemics: Tackling HIV, HCV, TB and Diabetes Together is a consortium led by ITPC under a grant from the Robert Carr Fund. The consortium, which includes Global Coalition of Tuberculosis Activists, T1International, Mainline International, ITPC MENA, ITPC Latca, ITPCru, ITPC South Asia, and ITPC West Africa, will be working together over 2019-2021 to conduct demand creation, research, and advocacy around the four focus diseases.
  • Bridging the Gaps (2016-2020) is an alliance of nine international organizations and networks and more than 80 local and regional organizations working in 15 countries. The alliance carries out an international HIV programme on health and rights for LGBT, sex workers, and people who use drugs. ITPC remains committed with the Bridging the Gaps alliance members to strengthen our combined voice to advocate on our shared goals. In 2017, we agreed on a framework for developing a joint advocacy strategy on four priority issues: 1) sustainable funding; 2) meaningful engagement; 3) violence and repressive environments; and 4) the shrinking civil society space for key populations.
  • Joep Lange Institute (JLI) is a collaboration of organizations whose mission it is to promote a digital agenda for innovation in global health. ITPC joined JLI in 2017 and will continue to contribute to the global initiative to maximize impact through targeted approaches to scale up, strengthen and sustain HIV response. To date, we have participated in dialogues on reducing HIV incidence through differentiated service delivery and the impact of reduced funding for HIV on scale-up strategies. One of our ultimate aims of working together is to make health markets and health systems work for people.