ITPC Global Strategic Plan 2021 to 2023

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2021 to 2023 ITPC Global Strat Plan

A person living with HIV does not just need a package of pills; and a person seeking to prevent HIV does not only need to be offered an HIV test. Instead, each individual should be able to access a health system that responds to them as a whole person.

From 2021-2023, ITPC is committed to renewing its work in four core areas:

  • Building resilient communities and community systems
  • Educating people to demand the health services they need
  • Increasing the availability and affordability of diagnostics and medicines, with particular focus on life-saving medicines for HIV, tuberculosis and viral hepatitis
  • Holding governments, donors, and other authorities accountable to globally recognized standards for human rights and public health

2021 to 2023 ITPC Global Strat Plan

We hope that you join us in our collective purpose to realize a more equitable world.