Our Team


“The work of ITPC is critical in ensuring communities’ voices are heard and that communities are able to shape policy and monitor implementation. Access to medicines is a fundamental human right and an important area for advocacy work that can transform people’s lives and give them the tools to advocate for other rights.”

Detrich works on intellectual property and access to medicines issues, managing national teams and organizing international events that bring together key stakeholders from around the world to address access issues.

Before joining ITPC Global, Detrich consulted on the ITPC’s first intellectual property project and worked with ITPC-MENA. He previously worked for Tostan in Senegal on a child protection project and with ATD 4th World in the International Relations Department. He completed graduate studies at the American University of Paris and the Institut Catholique de Paris in International Relations and Security, and he received a business degree from San Diego State University.

Based in Marrakech, Morocco