Morgane Ahmar

“I became a global health activist because I wanted to have a positive impact on people’s lives. With the Make Medicines Affordable campaign, we work with activists all over the world for access to treatments. Behind the technical and complex intellectual property issues we work on, there are people lacking access to care because of greed and lack of political will. Through this work, we fight together for a world based on social justice.”

Morgane has over eight years of experience in global health and human rights advocacy. Before joining ITPC, she worked with ALCS, one of MENA’s leading community-based NGOs addressing HIV/AIDS and with Coalition Plus on promoting access to affordable treatments in middle-income countries, scale-up of combination prevention strategies and human-rights based approaches to health. Morgane is a member of the Developing Countries NGO delegation at the Board of the Global Fund since 2017 and of the NGO delegation at the Board of Unitaid since 2015.

Based in Rabat, Morocco/ Marseille, France.

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