What Community Activism Can Achieve: ITPC’s Annual Review 2017

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ITPC is proud to share its 2017 Annual Review, titled What Community Activism Can AchieveThe report highlights our successes, challenges, and operational capacity in 2017, and shows what investments in community activism can do.
You can read the online summary here and the full annual review (PDF) here
What we achieved was done so in a harsh environment, with depleting resources and a small, but dedicated team. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our amazing and progressive donors who know the value and impact of strengthening the capacity of affected communities. Our work investing in communities is more relevant than ever. By educating people living with HIV about their rights, which is at the core of all our programs, we light a fire that fuels a demand for justice. We build a spirit of activism that grows out of the rage of knowing that we have been short-changed by our governments, the duty bearers, who are meant to uphold our right to health and life.

Download the report What Community Activism Can Achieve (PDF, 3.9MB)

Check out some of the highlights here:

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