The ultimate list of resources to help you fund & implement your Community-led Monitoring (CLM) project

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Resources to help you fund & implement your Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) project

Treat Asia amfAR, and ITPC Global recently released an information brief on how to create a Community-led Monitoring in Country Proposal for the Global Fund 2023–2025 Funding Cycle (NFM4), which you can view here.

The following is a list of documents that can support Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) design, implementation, data use, and advocacy:


Global Fund. Applying for funding: information and documents for the development of funding requests. 2022. 

Global Fund. Information note: Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health (RSSH) Allocation Period 2023-2025. 2022. 

Global Fund. Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) Technical Brief. 2022. 

Global Fund. HIV Information Note. 2022. 

Global Fund. TB Information Note. 2022. 

Global Fund. Malaria Information Note 2022. 


UNAIDS. CLM Resources Hub. 2022. 

UNAIDS. Establishing CLM of HIV services – Principles and process. 2021.  

UNAIDS. Frequently asked questions about community-led monitoring. 2021.  


Step-by-Step guide for applying to the UNAIDS TSM. 2023


World Health Organization. Consolidated guidelines on HIV, viral hepatitis and STI prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care for key populations. 2022.

World Health Organization. WHO Civil Society Task Force on TB. Engagement with civil society as a driver for change. 2022.


Stop TB Partnership. OneImpact CLM implementation framework. 2021.  

Stop TB Partnership. OneImpact CLM Dashboard. 2022. 

Stop TB Partnership. (CLM data use for decision makers). 2022.  



Impact Santé Afrique. Guide on how to conduct a community diagnosis for malaria interventions. 2021. 

Impact Santé Afrique. Toolkit for conducting effective advocacy to address the needs of the most vulnerable groups to malaria. 2021. 


The Malaria Elimination Initiative (MEI). Budget monitoring and expenditure tracking (BMET) training. 2021. 


EANNASO, Health Gap, ITPC and Anglophone Africa Regional Platform. Integrating community-led monitoring (CLM) into Global Fund C19RM funding requests. 2021. 

EANNASO, Anglophone Africa Regional Platform, Frontline AIDS, and the Stop TB Partnership. Community-led monitoring: A technical guide for HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria programming. 2021. publications/acsm/CBM%20Guide%20Report_Final%200309_compressed.pdf


CLAW Consortium. Community-led monitoring of health services: Building accountability for HIV service quality. White paper. 2020. 

CLAW Consortium. Conflict of interest in CLM projects. 2022. 

CLAW Consortium. Community Evidence to Create Change. 2022. 

CLAW Consortium. Best Practices for Community Led Monitoring. 2022. 

CLAW Consortium. How to Budget for Community-Led Monitoring. Feb 2023.

(Also available in Portuguese: Como Elaborar Orçamentos para Monitoria Liderada pela Comunidade)


Ritshidze. Activist guide to community-led monitoring in South Africa. 2020. ITPC.


ITPC. CLM Hub. 2022. 

ITPC. How to Implement Community-Led Monitoring: A community toolkit. 2021. 

ITPC. From insights to evidence: A guide to qualitative and quantitative measures for CLM. 2022. 

ITPC. A guide to HIV for community education and advocacy. 2022. 

ITPC. Precision in a pandemic: guidance on CLM data quality assurance. 2022. 

ITPC. The good, the bad, and the unfinished business: Addressing the impact of COVID-19 on HIV and TB services in Malawi and South Africa through a CLM initiative. 2022.

ITPC. A community guide for introducing decision makers to use CLM data. 2023.

ITPC. Data management tools for community-led monitoring.

ITPC. A guide to data analysis methods in community-led monitoring.

ITPC. A guide to support community-led monitoring data use in decision making.

Differentiated Service Delivery. Community-led monitoring of programs & policies related to HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria: a guide to support inclusion of CLM in funding requests to the global fund.



Ayala G, Sprague L, van der Merwe LL-A et al. Peer- and community-led responses to HIV: A scoping review. PLoS ONE 16(12): e0260555. 2021.


Baptiste S, Manouan A, Garcia P et al. Community-led monitoring: When community data drives implementation strategies. Current HIV/AIDS Reports (2020) 17:415–421.