Community Engagement Framework for Differentiated Service Delivery

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_The CQUIN Recipients of Care Engagement Working Group

The scale-up of high-quality differentiated service delivery (DSD) holds promise for improving the quality and efficiency of HIV services for recipients of care and people living with HIV. To this aim, the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) has partnered with ICAP’s HIV Coverage, Quality, and Impact Network (CQUIN), a learning network designed to accelerate DSD scale-up by fostering joint learning, country-to-country exchange, and targeted technical assistance for its member countries. With the support of CQUIN, ITPC facilitated the creation of the Community Advocacy Network (CAN), representing the community groups of the CQUIN network.

CQUIN network countries have identified community engagement as a key contributor to successful DSD programs. The CAN members contribute to amplifying the community voice and ensuring that people living with HIV, including recipients of care and their advocates, participate in the design, implementation, and evaluation of DSD initiatives at country and regional levels. To identify existing gaps and to co-create solutions for meaningful engagement of people living with HIV and communities in DSD initiatives, the CAN developed a community engagement tracking tool—which is currently being rolled out in their contexts.

The Community Engagement Tracking Tool is available in: 

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